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Is this thing on?
Apr 9, 2017
One minute read


This is the initial post in a series of steps I am taking to move Cobbservations to a site powered by Hugo. I stumbled across hugo recently while working with the maintainers of the micromdm project. The beautiful site hosting the documentation is build with hugo, and given the looks, I just had to try it.

Somewhat separately, I’ve been using Markdown for quite a while and have finally gotten around to enjoying it more than standard wordpress-style content for blogging. I even recently re-formatted all of my splunk repo searches to a more uniform Markdown syntax. So, I’m undertaking a project of moving my blog contents over to Github hosting and plan to use hugo to maintain it.

Lastly, one of the main features I like about Wordpress is its social network integration. This makes it super easy to update your LinkedIn network or Twitter followers that you’ve published a new post. I’m going to try to include this functionality in the hugo site when I get more time to figure out how to get that going.

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